The one thing people want so much is the one thing they know so little about.
If you or someone you love isn't as happy as they could be 
- it's not your fault! 
You just didn't have the tools before. 
Well, here they are - complete with instructions! 

Here are  just a few of the benefits of happiness:

A few of the benefits of happiness
A happy family
"This treatise is far more than a set of cute gimmicks designed to appeal to the uninitiated. It cites solid research studies documented in the psychological literature to buttress its mandates and suggests that can and do work... It is indeed an unabridged pleasure for me to write a few laudatory words as a Foreword for this virtually indispensable treatise on happiness and health for anyone." 
~ Dr. Calvin Frederick, ABPP, ABPH, FACP, Professor Department of Psychiatry, University of California Los Angeles Medical School who has had a long and prestigious career, including serving on the faculty of George Washington University Medical School, John Hopkins University Medical School, the National Institute of Mental Health and the World Federation of Mental Health. He has been a keynote speaker and a professional reviewer numerous times and a consultant to governmental agencies and major corporations. Utilizing his expertise in disaster assistance, emergency mental health, crime and delinquency, suicide prevention and radiation effects he has appeared on television and in court over 300 times as an expert witness, as well as hostage negotiator. 
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